Featured NYC Company: Flockd

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To scale community, Marissa, a co-founder of Green Spaces in NYC and her friend Janice launched Flockd, an analog product for connectivity and productivity, inspired by the coworking movement and social concerns. It’s Marissa’s dream to create a new way for people to connect offline. It is Janice’s dream for everyone to live ‘on purpose’ which requires, among other things (such as knowing your purpose) a combination of creating genuine relationships and productivity.

Flockd is a new low-tech product for your tabletop powering connectivity and productivity for a better world.  You can use Flockd for connecting and collaborating, creating open-conversation zones, building an in-person following, being productive & staying in flow, sharing knowledge & ideas, signaling needs, resources & topics, branding & promotion.

Thank you for this story, Erica Berger! Erica is Curator of 2462miles, Director of Partnerships for Storyful, and Contributor to The Economist and VentureBeat.