*100 Simple Things You Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's by Jean Carper

Say Yes to Coffee 

Use FLOCKD to see if coworkers want to go for a cup of Jo ~ preferably La Colombe Coffee -- our sponsors :-). Use FLOCKD at the cafe to meet others. A Finnish study claimed that people who drank 3-4 cups of coffee per day in middle age were 65% less likely to develop Alzheimer's 20 yrs. later. Now that is significant! the book: #16 & #23 out of 100 

Be Conscientious 
Use FLOCKD to stay in flow, to be purposeful, self-disciplined and goal directed. It'll help you be more successful and keep Alzheimer's at bay. the book #25 

Enjoy Exercise, Avoid Inactivity and Walk, Walk, Walk
Use FLOCKD to create a FLOCK of coworkers, friends, fellow students and even total strangers to go for a walk, run, jog or skip. They found that staying physically active reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's by up to 40%. the book #37, #49 & #99 

Be an Extrovert 
Use FLOCKD to connect with others.  Create a FLOCK or join a FLOCK.  FLOCKD helps you be an extrovert even if you are an introvert -- or somewhere in-between as 'your brain loves to socialize'.  What better way to increase your social circle -- start a new FLOCK everyday ... in the book #38 & #82

Have an Interesting Job
Use FLOCKD to meet people to get an interesting job.  The majority of interesting jobs are found through word-of-mouth.  If you are not out there talking to people, how are you going to even know about the interesting jobs out there. the book #54 

Drink Juices, Tea and Wine
Use FLOCKD to entice your fellow coworkers to go get a juice, tea or wine (red). Use FLOCKD in a juice bar, tea house, restaurant or bar to connect with others.  It would be interesting to know if there are different FLOCKS happening in a cafes, juice bars, wine bars, etc.  Let us know and we'll track it. the book #55, #89 & #100

Be With Others
Even if you live in a big city, you may feel lonely.  'Loneliness is not just social isolation; it is emotional isolation.' Take FLOCKD wherever you go.  Connect with others to keep yourself from being lonely and to help others as well. Sometimes the most crowded cafe can be the most loneliest place. the book #58

Keep Mentally Active
If there is anytime during your day when you are dragging... use FLOCKD to start a FLOCK or join a FLOCK around a topic -- anything. 'Use it or lose it' refers to your brain.  ... in the book #65

Do Something New and Surround Yourself with Stimulation
Use FLOCKD to start a FLOCK of something new to do... from flocking around a community cleanup to going to the foreign language movie cinema -- just do it.  Do not be afraid of doing something different or new; your hippocampus glows when you experience anything new. the book #69 & #85


Use FLOCKD to have conversations with others about your purpose or finding your purpose, or their purpose or finding their purpose.  Start the conversation.  It is important!  It is imperative for social and individual success... and it will keep you from developing Alzheimer's. the book #79


*Rework by the founders of 37 signals

Interruption is the enemy of productivity is the name of a chapter in the book Rework by the founders of 37 signals (creators of Basecamp). They continue by making it clear that "those taps on the shoulder and little impromptu get-togethers may seems harmless, but they are actually corrosive to productivity."  

Within the book Rework, they offer the solution of decreeing that from 10a - 2p people cannot talk to each other. However, what happens if you finally get into FLOW starting at 1:50p?  This is one of the reasons why we created FLOCKD.  Whatever rigid rules, barriers or boundaries I made one day, they did not work the next day. We needed something way more flexible.

The FLOCKD pyramid is your FLOW friend.  It is there to protect you, as it has us, from what seems to be those in-person harmless interruptions. It will not protect you from a fire alarm, as it shouldn't.  It will also not protect you from being interrupted by texts, IMs, emails, and other self-imposed interruptions. Yes, self-imposed. There are on/off switches on those things, ways to change your availability status and ways to turn down the alert sounds or vibrations as well. You've got to manage those on your own. 

FLOCKD will protect you from physical face-to-face interruptions which we get all the time at work, especially if we are in an open space working environment. So use your FLOCKD and stop being interrupted so you can stay in FLOW.

Once your FLOW starts waning, pay attention.  If it has been more than 2 1/2 to 3 hours, immediately place your FLOCKD pyramid straight up. If you are not intentionally and pleasantly interrupted in the next 15 minutes, seek others out -- but only the ones who also have their FLOCKD pyramids pointed upward.  Let your friends FLOW when they are in FLOW; FLOCK with others when the FLOW starts to FADE.