Cheek'd bridges the gap between virtual and actual. It fills the much-missing niche between online dating and real-world encounters. It's the 2.0 version of "Call me." Members receive pack of 50 sleek black cards, the same dimensions as business cards, each printed on one side with a different flirtation - "hi," "parents love me," "we'll laugh about this a year from now" - our URL and a code leading to the member's online profile, which includes a first-name-only email address, on the other. They then give a card in real-time to anyone who entices. Distribution can be old-fashioned via conversation, or more mysterious-slid across the bar, tucked inside a briefcase, slipped into a coat pocket. With Cheek'd, chemistry is more guaranteed: Members actually see the person, in person. Cheek'd gives members an opportunity to leverage technology without completely depending on it. Cheek'd promotes safe and playful interaction offline and on.

Green Spaces provides the infrastructure for triple bottom line companies to work and grow. With locations in New York and Colorado, its coworking shared offices are hubs for sustainable business leaders gathering social entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers alike. Green Spaces builds strong community, offers special events for networking, serves as connectors, and has been home to more than 500 game-changing startups and organizations. Currently Green Spaces is home to more than 150 companies in NYC and Colorado.  GreenSpaces also started the Green Leaders Global network, fostering dialogue and uniting more than 1,000 executives in social entrepreneurship.

iSTARTUP is a catalytic collaboration of partnerships, services and solutions to create greater resilience and revitalization on multiple levels: Community, Neighborhood, Organizational, Team, Family and Individual levels. Taking a system-thinking and solutions-driven approach to any change initiative, the iSTARTUP team is comprised of not only consultants and advisors but also of entrepreneurs and innovators. In essence, iSTARTUP assists in making systems more fluid, conversations more productive and end-results more powerful. 

New Work City is the result of the collective effort of a community of people who share a common set of values and needs. We are proudly built and based in New York City, the greatest city in the world. To learn more about the amazing people who make New Work City possible, visit our about and thanks pages. We are a part of the global coworking movement, and if anyone says it's spelled co-working, send them here to correct them!

Purpose creates 21st century movements. We deploy the collective power of millions of citizens and consumers to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We develop and launch our own social and consumer movements using our model of movement entrepreneurship, and we work with organizations and progressive companies to help them mobilize large-scale, purposeful action.

For nearly two decades, La Colombe has been a leading proponent of ethical long-term trade with coffee growers as well as a key supporter of certification organizations such as Fair Trade Alliance, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and others. Most important, however, is our direct influence on the well being of our coffee growing communities - from water resource development and borehole drilling to building and maintaining schools which support hundreds of orphaned children with housing, health care and education. We recognize that as coffee roasters we occupy a unique place in the world, a spot on the narrow bridge between the developing world and some of the most affluent consumers on the planet. To us, this role is more than a responsibility, more than a popular philanthropic logo but a rare privilege seldom afforded. At La Colombe, we intend to make the most out of this opportunity.