Coworking Serbia

Why would your office disappear?

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If you work in a corporation, you certainly do in a commercial building with colleagues who are most of the time out of their jobs - at a meeting, lunch or business trip. Get ready for a drastic change. The global recession, the development of new models of economy and more concern for the abrupt climate changes are guidelines to growing - coworking wave.


Where you work?

You can find in Austin. For the second consecutive year, Austin will host innovators in the "design work" at the largest coworking conference in the world. - For those of you for whom this new, open workspaces for collaboration called themselves "coworking spaces" or work areas that are growing productivity, collaboration and togetherness. By  Deskmag , the number of coworking spaces is growing around 200% per year for the last 7 years. If you are interested in folders,  LiquidSpace  will show you the various options in 350 cities of the world. Workspace Association of New York  offers over 700,000 square feet of space in just three states so by presenting a fairly influential organization.  UnConference Global Coworking Conference  , or "Juicy" as it is called participants, aims to collect and combine the best and brightest minds of the movement to divide ideas and inspiration, and so developed a new strategy for the future...

How will your office look like?

Office setting will be structured in a more relaxed work. Leader in innovative, office design as  Turnstone  creates all relaxed and comfortable furniture for coworking spaces. Architectural solutions which separate sectors will disappear. You will know more about what is happening in other parts of your organization. Open office spaces will create an atmosphere reminiscent of the cafe, promoting creativity and transparency.

New office toys as Flockd  will help people from different sectors to start a conversation so stimulating productivity. You will have to interact with a coworker's a much friendlier, more acceptable and transparent manner. Resources such as the kitchen, bathroom, coffee, office materials Delic more than before. Take a deep breath and get ready to split up with some of the pen that is in your hands ... maybe even a monitor!