Helen Kramer, co-founder of Personal Change System, Author of Liberating the Adult Within, Psychoanalyst, Endorses Flockd

Helen says, "anything that encourages face-to-face interaction improves our lives... We have empathy centers and when we use social media, we see when people 'like' what we post, but we don't see when we hurt someone. Therefore, the empathy centers can atrophy like a muscle that's not being used."

Watch the full clip to hear Helen's take on the future potential implications of technology without face-to-face interactions on our future generation.

At Bloomberg, Sharing the Story of Collaboration, Connection, and Working and Flocking Together

Green Spaces and Flockd cofounder Marissa Feinberg shares the connection between shared spaces, conversations, what's needed for innovation, and what inspired her to create a new product that scales the magic of collaborative work.